Keia is currently a resident of Denver Colorado and Principal Designer of Kimberly & Cameron Interiors. Keia believes in the power of transforming rooms into spaces that are both fully functional, bursting with color and aesthetically pleasing to the client and their way of life. She has a self taught and well trained eye for quality, art, furnishings and textiles. Her goal for Kimberly and Cameron Interiors is that the work will speak tremendous volumes and tell the tale of the soul of the person occupying the space. Each project speaks to her client’s own interests, travels, lifestyle, and culture. In 2017, she became President of the Black Interior Designer’s Network, a nationwide network for designers of color. Keia is working to establish strategic partnerships with premier industry leaders. With their assistance, she is simplifying the transitional period for new interior designers, actualizing the annualized budget constraints , and working to eradicate high premiums for high-end pieces. Her passion, persistence and strong leadership has allowed her personal dream of being the poster girl for millennial design evolution, and a never ending love for interior design.


Ashley is located in Houston Texas and has been immersed in the world of Interior Design for over 9 years and has a passion for styling and the visual arts. Since beginning her journey to becoming a designer, she has continued to cultivate her skills and passions through formal training, conferences and mentor ship.  Ashley is a firm believer in self and continued education. She extends a variety of skills which sets her apart from other designers. Services include 3D rendering, space planning, construction documents, marketing and internal systems management.


Tayla is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia and Project Manager for Kimberly and Cameron Interiors. She obtained a B.S. in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University. She has always enjoyed walking into a well-designed space. Imagining the design process behind a successful environment is one of the reasons why Tayla decided to become an Interior Designer. From her education and experience, she has learned that enriching client’s needs should always come first. It is imperative to build a real connection when assisting client’s. Tayla would like to aspire and positively impact the client’s ideas, goals, objectives, and environments. Tayla’s goal is to create energizing environments, where individuals can be physically and mentally comfortable.